Friday 15 May 2020

PDA Awareness Day 2020

Can you believe that it’s five years since the first episode of Born Naughty was shown on Channel 4. Honey was the first person who I had come across who had PDA. I knew she was autistic but I knew it wasn’t typical autism. Thank goodness for an open-minded paediatrician who didn’t mind putting his neck on the line as well, to declare to the world that we felt she had PDA. 

It’s quite embarrassing looking back on my lack of knowledge of the wider implications of PDA, for example, I am heard to describe it as 'a mild form of autism.' How wrong was I? 

But I’m willing to admit that and I am not afraid to admit that I knew I needed to learn more. I have spent the last five years doing just that: talking to children and young people with PDA and listening to young people and adults with PDA plus listening to Parents of children and young people with PDA. 

I know so much more now than I did then but I also know there is so much that we need to know. Research is moving forwards but we need much more. How apt that it is actually PDA awareness day today. If you have a look at the PDA Society website they have a whole lot of quick tips and information to share with others here is a roundup of their most popular

  • Demand Avoidance of the PDA kind video
  • Introduction to PDA webinar in partnership with the National Development Team for Inclusion
  • Helpful approaches infographic
  • PDA related suggestions for healthcare passports
  • PDA Alert cards & PDA Awareness cards
  • Life with PDA
  • Working with PDA
  • Keys to care for PDA information sheet

  • Help spread the word and increase undrsatnding because only with undersatnding can acceptance develop.