Sunday 30 August 2015

Communication Leaders

This new initiative from the Communication Trust looks excellent. 

Communication Leaders is a peer-mentoring approach to supporting the language and communication development of primary and secondary pupils. It allows children and young people to take on a unique leadership role in communication within their schools and homes. 

You can choose how to implement this approach in your school. You'll find everything you need in the link below, including a training session for staff to introduce the approach and resources to the chosen Communication Leaders, the resource packs, and a video showing staff and Communication Leaders talking about their experiences from the pilot project.  

Click here

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Please make this go viral!! It's a great cause

Hum for Afasic
Last week, AFASIC  launched #HumForAfasic social media campaign to raise awareness of speech, language and communication needs. In an effort to ‘go viral’ and spread the word on SLCN and the work of Afasic, they are using Facebook as a tool and hope that many of their members, supporters, friends and staff will get involved.
The idea of the challenge is to video yourself humming a song, upload it to Facebook and nominate some friends to guess your song and do their own video. This is also a great opportunity to raise some much-needed funding for Afasic, so we have set up a text code where people can donate £3 by texting ‘HUMA50 £3’ TO 70070.
They chose humming to demonstrate the difficulties many children with SLCN face on a day to day basis, while also being a fun challenge.  We'll be uploading our attempt shortly!
Please join in with the #HumForAfasic challenge. Let’s get humming!
For any questions about how to get involved, please email Victoria Ward or call on 0207 490 9410.