Tuesday 22 November 2016

Using the monkey, elephant and the crocodile to help your child relax: Relax Kids

Guest blog by Karen Horner

Research shows that more young children are being diagnosed with depression or some other mental health illness as they are subjected to a stressful life. I decided to develop my skills by studying Relax Kids. This is a 7 step fun tool that children can use daily to help them de-stress in the stressful times in which we live. Teaching relaxation techniques to young children as they also learn simple values such as respect, care, co-operation and tolerance. Relax Kids builds  self-esteem, confidence, concentration and helps children to cope with stress and anxiety as they develop their imagination and creative talents.

Relax kids was launched in 2003 by Marneta Viegas  who at the time ran a children’s entertainment business for 13 years in London.  Over that time she noticed a change in children’s behaviour.  They seemed to be lack concentration and focus and listening skills.  She set about creating a relaxation system using breathing exercises, stretches, games, positive affirmations and visualisations to help children learn these important life skills.   As well as starting Relax Kids classes, she wrote a couple of books of children’s relaxations – for parents to read to their child at bedtime and CDs to play to help children de-stress.

How can relax kids help my child?

The brain is very complex, just like a jungle, and in the jungle, there are 3 important animals the monkey, the elephant and the crocodile/meercat.

The monkey part of the brain which is at the front and is highly intelligent, curious and likes to learn new things. He takes in all the information and passes it on to the elephant who has a very long memory which is the hippocampus part of the brain. He stores all this information ready for when we need it again.

The crocodile keeps us safe from danger and is always on the lookout, this means when we get upset frightened or frustrated we freeze, flight or fight. In states of high anxiety our crocodile is always snapping therefore the monkey and the elephant part of the brain can’t work so the child does not learn.

Relax kids helps children to calm their crocodile and gives them strategies to cope in stressful situations so allowing the crocodile in them to remain in a calm state and allow the monkey and elephant to do their jobs. This results in calmer children and learning taking place.

Relax kids is now in 47 different countries helping children de-stress and giving them strategies to help cope in situations of stress and anxiety.

The seven steps take a child from high energy to a state of complete relaxation. Your child will enjoy games and songs, storytelling, movement, stretching and breathing exercises, peer / self massage, affirmations, relaxations and visualisations All these exercises have been put together to help children feel great and be confident. The action packed 6 week programme will take your child on a different adventure each week. Your child will enjoy our adventures so much they won't notice the new skills they are learning Our classes help develop children's imagination and creativity as well as build their self-esteem Regular relaxation will help your child's concentration, learning and will give them tools to manage anxiety and worries.

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