Friday 26 September 2014

No Pens wednesday 2014: free speaking and listening resources

No Pens Day Wednesday is the Communication Trust's national speaking and listening event which provides free resources to support schools and settings to put down their pens and pick up their language! It's back for 2014 and will be taking place nationally on Wednesday 15th October, but you can run your No Pens Day Wednesday any time - the resources remain available throughout the year.
All of the resources are now available to download once you've registered. They have lots of exciting new additions for 2014 and more reasons than ever to take part. In particular,they're delighted to announce that this year for the first time ever they have resources specifically for early years and special school settings.
This year the event is also forming part of the ongoing support to schools in their work to deliver the SEND Reforms that come into force from September 2014. The event gives  tools to deliver high quality speaking and listening activities vital for all pupils and especially for those who struggle.
Register to take part in No Pens Day Wednesday and download all the resources

When my son's primary did this he had a lovely day!

Tuesday 2 September 2014